Getting Your Septic Tank Pumped

Getting your septic tank pumped is crucial for maintaining a healthy and efficient wastewater management system. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider regular septic tank pumping:

Prevents Blockages: Over time, solid waste and sludge accumulate in your septic tank, potentially causing blockages in your pipes and drains. Regular pumping removes these solids, preventing clogs that can lead to costly and messy backups in your home.

Extends System Lifespan: Routine pumping helps prolong the lifespan of your septic system by reducing the strain on its components. By preventing excessive buildup and strain, you can avoid the need for expensive repairs or even a full system replacement.

Ensures Proper Functioning: A well-maintained septic tank operates more efficiently. Pumping removes excess waste and allows the tank to function as intended, effectively treating and disposing of wastewater while minimizing the risk of system failure.

Protects the Environment: Neglecting septic tank maintenance can lead to contamination of the surrounding soil and groundwater, posing environmental hazards. Pumping prevents the leakage of harmful bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants into your surroundings, safeguarding the environment.

Saves Money in the Long Run: Regular septic tank pumping is a proactive and cost-effective measure. It helps you avoid emergency repairs, environmental cleanup costs, and the inconvenience of a malfunctioning septic system, ultimately saving you money over time.


Unfortunately, most people don’t tend to their septic systems on a regular basis. This is partially due to the belief that the septic system is an infallible system that can never fail. It is also due to the fact that since you don’t see the direct effects of what’s on the other side of the drains, it’s out of sight and out of mind. In any case, the septic system is like any other tool, technology, or appliance: it requires constant maintenance.


When there is neglect of this system, the consequences are dire. When the tank is not pumped, the non-decomposed sludge and scum build up until they block the pipes that allow the watery effluent to travel efficiently to the leach field. This toxic material is filled with many kinds of non-bacteria that live inside the animal intestinal system that, when not properly decomposed, will threaten the healthy bacteria in the soil.

The beneficial bacteria in both the tank and leach field are the main driving force for the removal of harmful toxins and the dispersal of the effluent back to the ground soil or aquifer. Over time, these issues will cause health hazards to your family as well as the environment.


A septic tank pumping requires the advanced equipment and trained professionals that you’ll find with Advanced Septic Solutions Inc. From the moment you contact us we are dedicated to walking you through every step of the process and answering any questions you have about your household’s setup and particular requirements.

The first step in this process is getting the septic tank pumped, we’ll bring a vacuum truck, pump the tank, including any buildup of sludge.

Each time you get your tank gets pumped by us, we will do a visual inspection to ensure that any baffles, filter (if you have one) and tank look structurally sound. Our professionals will also offer guidance for household water use based on the size tank you have and offer any recommendations for additives that will help the beneficial bacteria flourish, keeping your system running smoothly.


With Advanced Septic Solutions Inc, you’re assured that we’ll care for both your family and the environment’s safety through every step of the process. It’s our mission to protect the integrity of your soil through the proper care of your septic tank and leach field. When you work with us, you have a team of trained professionals with years of experience in the Clarington area who are dedicated to your constant support through open communication and reliable services.

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