Holding Tank Pumping

holding tank pumping

When you have a holding tank you will need to get your tank pumped approx. every 1-2 months depending on the usage and the size of the tank.

what is a holding tank?

A holding tank is a wastewater storage tank. The difference between a septic tank and a holding tank is that the holding tank doesn’t have an outlet pipe that leads to the leach field. You may require a holding tank if your property isn’t big enough to hold a septic system.  A septic tank has a bioactive process that allows organic material to decompose and the water to be cleaned before returning to the groundwater. A holding tank is essentially a storage unit for your wastewater. As such, it requires constant pumping for removal of waste.

when to pump?

Holding tanks needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis. Depending on its size, it needs to be pumped every few weeks to every few months. In warmer weather conditions, you need to have your tank pumped more consistently to avoid the foul odor from decomposition. Even if you aren’t actively using the tank, it needs to be pumped so that the sludge doesn’t harden and cause an eventual buildup of water that comes out through the toilets.

the process

When you hire Advanced Septic Solutions Inc, we can set you up on a schedule to have regular holding tank pumping done. We will come out in one of our specialized vacuum trucks, pump out all the waste water and then properly dispose of it in an environmentally approved site. With regular maintenance and proper care, the holding tank system is the best solution for those without other sanitation options.

Licensed professional

With years of experience in the Clarington area, our licensed professionals have come to understand the requirements for service of many unique holding tank system situations. From temporary solutions to long term services, we are equipped with the proper equipment and the expertise to assist your every wastewater removal need. We offer consistent support with our clients so you are assured that we are available for your pumping situations.

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