Septic Repairs & Services

Septic Repairs And Services

Every 2-5 years, your home needs a septic tank pumping. All that sludge accumulating at the bottom of the tank over those years needs to be pumped up to the surface and removed.  To ensure your household or property does not cause any severe health risks from harmful bacteria or toxic wastes, it’s vital that you keep your septic system properly maintained. Read on to find out more information.

How Sludge Buildup Happens

As you use your septic tank, you have 2 types of sludge that begins to build up in your septic tank.  You’ll have the sludge that floats to the top and the sludge that sinks to the bottom, which ultimately leaves you a layer of water in the middle.  The longer you use your septic tank, the more sludge starts to build up from both the top and bottom.  Now if you go over the recommended time period without pumping your septic tank, that sludge will eventually build up so much that it will reach the outlet pipe that goes out into your leaching bed.  When this happens you end up clogging your leaching bed, which can cause a backup into your house and eventually you will need to replace your septic system.

What Are Some Common Septic Issues?

If you have any large trees or shrubs growing near your drainfield, it’s possible that the root systems reach out to the warmer water collecting in your field. The main risk here is the breaking or interruption of pipes due to root overgrowth. Be sure to only maintain small grasses or shrubs with shallow root systems near your field. Another possible interruption can come from digging and accidentally hitting a pipe.  And of course not getting your septic pumped on a regular basis.

Keep Your Daily Water Usage In Mind

It’s important that you keep in mind the size of your household and it’s daily water usage. If you need to wash multiple loads of laundry per day while also taking many showers and washing all the dishes, you need to calculate the tank’s size to ensure it can handle that amount of water. Excessive water will impair the function of your system.

Another common problem most householders don’t take into consideration is that everything going into your septic tank must be biodegradable. When you flush things like diapers or tampons, the tank will fill up with substances that cannot be broken down. What are you flushing down your drains? Toxic chemicals and cleaning substances will wreak havoc on your fields. Be cautious about the ingredients of your laundry detergent and drain cleaner(choose a detergent low in phosphorus).

Seeking Septic Repairs and Services

What are some of the most common repairs and services that we perform to keep your home clean and safe?

If the tank has been neglected, you might need an emergency pumping because the sludge has completely blocked the input and output pipes, blocking watery effluent from either entering from the home’s plumbing or exiting onto the field. Any broken pipes in the field require us to excavate the pipe from the stone and reconnect with new pipes.

At the junction where the pipe enters and exits the tank baffles, these prevent solids from leaving to the drainage field. Baffles sometimes rust or fall apart after many years of use and these filters need to be replaced otherwise toxic waste can build up on your leach field. It’s always ideal to keep up with regular maintenance to avoid any costly repairs.

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